Miami AC Experts – Heating

At Miami AC Experts, we have been offering specialized services on commercial and domestic heating systems. We have a fully established unit equipped with the necessary personnel and machinery to enable us delivers superior service to our clients. We understand the mode of operation of all heating systems in the market because we work in close partnership with the brand owners.

Domestic heating systems usually consist of a heating unit which can either be a furnace or boiler, a distribution system made up of radiators, ducts and pipes and thermostats. Space heaters are usually installed in most homes to provide supplemental heating whenever the main heating system fails. These heaters are different in that they do not have a distribution system unlike baseboard heaters.

Upgrading of Heating Systems

Whenever your heating system becomes inefficient or does not fully service the space that you want to be heated, it could be time for an upgrade. At Miami AC Experts, we have dealt with several clients who want upgrades of their heating systems. In such cases, we first discuss with our clients with respect to their needs and then devise a way forward as to the type of heating systems that would be appropriate. Some brand owners allow for an upgrade from a lower system to a higher one. In this case, we liaise and connect the clients with the manufacturers for a smooth upgrade at a considerable cost.

Our technicians assess the replacement or upgrade option to se whether it is going to add value to the client. For instance, some heating systems could have a higher acquisition cost followed by a lower operating cost. This makes the payback period for the investment shorter.

The Types of Heating Systems We Service

According to research, home heating takes about 60% of your energy bill. This is a huge portion that cannot be ignored under any circumstance. There are different heating systems available in the market, each with a different power consumption label. At Miami AC Experts, our job is to take you through all the available systems so that you can make an informed decision on the type of system you want to install.

Natural Gas Heating Systems

These heating systems are powered by natural gas. They come in a variety of sizes and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. The most common gas systems include:
High Efficiency Furnaces – These furnaces use a secondary heat exchanger that extracts energy from water vapor. They have AFUE ratings of 92% and above. They can reduce your annual heating bills by approximately 35%.

High Efficiency Boilers – Just like the high efficiency furnaces, these boilers have a secondary heat exchanger used in extracting energy from water vapor. They also have a plastic venting system that they use to vent the lower temperature flue gases to the outside via the roof or side wall. The AFUE rating for these boilers is 90 percent.

Electric Heating Systems

These systems use electric resistance heating elements in order to generate heat. They are efficient in the conversion of heating energy. In special circumstances where natural gas is not available, our experts may recommend these types of heating systems.

Geothermal Heating Systems

In pursuit of green technologies, we advise our clients to install these systems because they use renewable energy to cool or heat your home. They have the potential to cut heating costs by 70 percent.

Propane or Oil Heating Systems

We install these heating systems in areas where natural gas is not available. The oil or propane is usually delivered and stored in an external tank. It is considered an expensive way of heating and we recommend it as a last resort.

We are always on standby 24/7 to ensure that we service all your furnaces irrespective of the type of heating that they use. Get in touch with us and will respond appropriately.